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Microchipping Your Pet | A Pet Microchip May Can Prevent Heartbreak

Many pet owners love their pets as a member of the family. They would be devastated and heartbroken if their pet ran away or somehow got lost. Having a microchip implanted in your pet is a great way to assure that, in the event that your pet does run away or get lost, he will be returned.

Problems with Dog Tags that a Pet Microchipping Eleiminates

It is often required that pet owners have tags put on their dogs with the address and contact information for the pet’s home. The idea is so that if the dog is lost, anyone who finds it can contact the owner. There are quite a few problems with this idea. First, the dog might not have their collar on. If the tags have been removed for any reason, anyone who finds the dog cannot see the owner’s information. Secondly, with an increase in dog attacks, people who do not know a dog are less likely to get close enough to check the tags on a dog. They are much more likely to call the local humane society or pound.

The brilliant idea of placing a microchip into the skin of a beloved pet has been a routine practice for many years. A vet simply can inject a microchip, which is about as small as a grain of rice, into the pet’s skin. The microchip is then matched with the owner’s name, address, and phone number. In a way, the pet is linked to the owner with permanent tags.

How Does A Pet Microchip Help?

When a pet is lost, it often ends up in the pound. Most pounds or humane societies are equipped with a machine that can read the microchip beneath the skin. This allows for the pound to contact the owner. Many times lost pets can get mixed in with those to be euthanized, and, with no way to contact an owner, this can be the sad fate for many pets.

Microchipping allows for the pound or veterinary hospital to get in contact with the owner and to let them know they can come pick their pet up. This can be a great relief for the owner as well as the pet.

Things to Consider for Microchipping Your Pet

Well, with any advancement in a field, there are problems. There are pets that end up in rescues and are adopted into a new home. When they are adopted into a new home, the new owner might not be aware of the pet’s history. The pet might be linked to its previous owner, and when the pet is lost, the pound would then get in contact with that previous owner.

The good news is that you can update the new owner’s information and link it to the microchip. Many companies who do this, do it for free to owners who adopt through a rescue.

When deciding to own a pet, there are many things to consider. Microchipping is a wise decision that will insure that your pet remains a part of your family. It is the simplest and most efficient way to keep track of your pet and make sure he returns to you in the event he is lost. Do your pet a favor, get him microchipped. The quick, easy, and painless procedure could be the difference between reuniting with your pet, or losing him forever.


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