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Does Your Dog Really Need a Lyme Disease Vaccination? Find Out.

Lyme Disease Vaccination in Dogs – Veterinarians Don’t Agree

The argument continues whether to immunize or not vaccinate for Lyme disease. If veterinarians can not agree, how does a client choose. Anytime a veterinarian chooses to make use of a vaccine, Lyme disease or other, the vet has to weigh the risks and advantages for the client. So what are some of the factors to think about.

Where does your pet live?

Living in an endemic location for Lyme disease needs to be thought about. In humans, 95 {26401120c32821f5f3aa77c386d70eeab9c6f2d7013442e74bf6b83fbba19337} of Lyme disease cases are discovered in 12 endemic states in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Upper Midwest. In a few of these areas, 70 {26401120c32821f5f3aa77c386d70eeab9c6f2d7013442e74bf6b83fbba19337} to 90 {26401120c32821f5f3aa77c386d70eeab9c6f2d7013442e74bf6b83fbba19337} of the healthy pet dogs have actually been exposed to Lyme disease. An essential element for avoidance in the areas is good tick control, which can decrease the risk for condition. Vaccination must be considered more frequently in a native to the island area.

Exactly how fantastic is the danger of severe disease, as soon as a pet is contaminated?

Typically, the threat of extreme disease, once the pet is infected, is low. It has actually been stated that less than 2 {26401120c32821f5f3aa77c386d70eeab9c6f2d7013442e74bf6b83fbba19337} of exposed dogs develop the more significant ailment, Lyme nephritis (kidney swelling). Likewise, co-infection (infection with more than one representative) appears to lead to even more significant health problem. There also could be a hereditary predisposition to the degree of inflammation produced from the illness. Retrievers and soft-coated wheaten terriers appear to a genetic sensitivity. In studies, less than 5 {26401120c32821f5f3aa77c386d70eeab9c6f2d7013442e74bf6b83fbba19337} of favorable dogs had arthritis, the most common ailment. These cases usually respond quickly to common and affordable antibiotics.

Exactly how effective is the vaccine?

Definitely not as efficient as various other vaccines. The vaccine appears to prevent infection in 60 {26401120c32821f5f3aa77c386d70eeab9c6f2d7013442e74bf6b83fbba19337} -86 {26401120c32821f5f3aa77c386d70eeab9c6f2d7013442e74bf6b83fbba19337} of the dogs vaccinated. Protection is not long lasting and booster vaccinations are given every 6 months or at least yearly.

Is the vaccine safe?

The vaccine does not seem as safe as the more common vaccines utilized today for various other illness. In a 1.2 million research of immunized pets, the Lyme vaccine produced even more after vaccination negative reactions within 3 days, than other vaccine. These reactions were judged as moderate. The responses were associated with swelling. In a research, 30 {26401120c32821f5f3aa77c386d70eeab9c6f2d7013442e74bf6b83fbba19337} of the pets with Lyme nephritis had actually been given the Lyme vaccine 2 weeks to 15 months prior to ailment. This also raises the concern whether to immunize retrievers and soft-coated wheaten terriers. They most likely SHOULD NOT be immunized.


1. Tick control is necessary is helping to prevent the illness.
2. The majority of pets tested positive for Lyme disease are nonclinical.
3. Large bulk of confirmed cases can be treated with common and economical prescription antibiotics.
4. A lot of pets do not show signs of Lyme disease after vaccination, but the exact same holds true for naturally exposed pet dogs.
5. Lyme disease vaccine have a short period and trigger even more post vaccination unfavorable events.
6. The canines most vulnerable to Lyme disease (hereditary predisposition), which need the most security, should not be vaccinated.

Hopefully this offers some helpful details in making a decision to immunize for Lyme disease or not.


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